Kirtling Street

Site information

The Kirtling Street site is on the southern bank of the River Thames and comprises four areas of land as well as an area extending into the Thames. From this location we are driving the main tunnel to Carnwath Road Riverside in the west and towards Chambers Wharf in the east.

Kirtling Street

November 2019

Deep below ground at our Kirtling Street site we have two tunnel boring machines (TBMs) tunnelling away. Millicent, our westbound TBM, was launched towards the end of last year and has now completed over 4.6km of her 5km journey towards Carnwath Road in Fulham.

Ursula, our eastbound TBM, completed her launch in March 2019. Since then she has completed over 2.8km of her 7.5km journey towards Chambers Wharf in Bermondsey. Before she reaches Chambers Wharf, Ursula will need to undergo vital maintenance to her cutterhead, which digs the muck out of the ground, at our Blackfriars Bridge Foreshore site due to the change of ground conditions in east London.

With both TBMs fully operational, above ground the team are busier than ever as they manage the muck produced by two 8.8m diameter TBMs and the large concrete segments that make up the tunnel lining rings. The muck is removed from site by barge, with up to 4 per day and each barge taking 1,600tns of muck. This ensures up to 2,450 heavy goods vehicles are taken off the road each week. 

Tradition tells us that to keep the tunnellers safe underground, a female name should be given to the machine before she sets off on her journey. To find out more about how the names were decided and the women they were named after, click here

What are our working hours?

24/7 working

As we are now in the tunnelling phase of construction, we are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week across the site. 



Our next CLWG meeting for Kirtling Street and Heathwall Pumping Station will be held on Monday 16 December, from 7pm - 9pm at our Kirtling Street site offices. 

5 September, 2019 - CLWG Minutes

5 September, 2019 - CLWG Presentation slides 

13 June, 2019 - CLWG Minutes

13 June, 2019 - CLWG Presentation Slides

Previous minutes are available upon request,  please contact the Tideway Helpdesk on 08000 30 80 80 or email [email protected]

  • There is a noise enclosure over the tunnel drive shaft as we have started works  
  • All static machinery and plant is screened or enclosed
  • Hoarding has been erected on the site boundaries
  • Vehicle movements outside of standard hours are restricted
  • Use of low level directional lighting
  • The excavated material handling area will be enclosed
  • Timber fenders will be installed on the jetty
  • Acoustic barriers will be installed on the jetty
  • Call our 24 hour Tideway Helpdesk 08000 30 80 80 or email [email protected]
  • Take a moment to read the latest updates on the noticeboards on our hoardings.
  • Email our dedicated Community Relations teams available to answer your questions or meet with you, via [email protected]
  • Join our regular Community Liaison Working Group meetings, to attend the meetings or receive the minutes and presentations from past meetings, email [email protected].

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Submissions to the Council 
We are making a number of submissions to the London Borough of Wandsworth as part of the consents we need to secure before starting different phases of work at the Kirtling Street site. These submissions are available to view on the London Borough of Wandsworth's planning portal. Please click here to be redirected to the portal. If you are interested on commenting on these submissions, please ensure you respond directly to the London Borough of Wandsworth.

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