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Garden makeover in Hammersmith

Orchard House, Hammersmith, gets garden makeover

Orchard House, a sheltered housing block run by the Samuel Lewis Trust in Hammersmith, was given a new lease of life after volunteers from Tideway transformed the garden.

Untouched for over a year, the hedges and bushes had become overgrown – leaving the residents unable to make proper use of the space, and some unable to even open their windows.

The team from Hammersmith Pumping Station stepped in to help, cutting back the unruly vegetation, laying fresh soil, planting new foliage and installing garden benches built by volunteer carpenters.

Richie, a resident for over ten years, said: “This team has been brilliant; they have changed the way this place is. We residents feel like we now have a garden and an outdoor space to use. I now have daylight shining in my room – something I haven’t had for nearly a year!

“The team have been exceptional, hard-working and the friendliest people we had here in a long time. The have been a joy to speak to and their hard work has not gone unnoticed. We will miss them a lot and hope they come back to visit soon.”

After the work was completed, the residents took the team out for breakfast to show their appreciation.

Salma Begum, Housing Officer at Orchard House, said: “This is by far the best the garden has looked. I’m amazed at what they have been able to achieve in such little time.

“The garden has completely transformed this place for the better and have given residents a sense of pride.

“The team have been working so hard and each and every one of them has always found time to stop and talk to the residents.

“I’ve been here for a while now and have never heard some of the residents laugh as much as I have – it’s been amazing to see.”