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Super sewer a step closer after concrete pour

Super sewer a step closer after concrete pour

Tideway is a step closer to cleaning up the River Thames after successfully completing a concrete pour in the shaft at Chambers Wharf this weekend.

Around 1,500m3 of concrete was poured over a 36-hour period between Friday and Saturday – a key part of Tideway’s work in Southwark.

The concrete will form a strong platform on which a giant digging machine will sit before it begins tunnelling the eastern section of the tunnel within the next year.

Thanks to a complete redesign of the ‘base plug’, Tideway was able to substantially reduce the amount of concrete needed, thus reducing the number of lorries required on site.

The entire pour took place within a specially-designed noise enclosure to limit noise and dust pollution locally.

This marks the third successful concrete pour at Tideway’s three main ‘drive sites’ – sites from which tunnel boring machines are launched.

Tunnelling machines have already been launched from Carnwath Road in Fulham and Kirtling Street in Battersea.