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Roof slab completed at Albert Embankment

The roof slab at Albert Embankment site for the super sewer has been completed and will eventually form part of new public space for people to enjoy next to the River Thames.

The interception chamber which lies in the second of three cofferdams next to Vauxhall Bridge was topped with a 750mm thick slab and was constructed from 27 tonnes of rebar and 139 cubic metres of concrete.

The interception chamber is a structure that will intercept and combine the raw sewage from the two combined sewer outlets that currently pollute the River Thames underneath the bridge. 

This slab will eventually be paved and become new public realm area within the tidal terrace.  

Within the interception chamber itself, the team now needs to pour three landing platforms for ladders, install the functional mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, control and automation equipment as well as benching to reinforce the structure against wear and tear over time.

The Albert Embankment site is made up of three cofferdams – structures built out into the river to create new land to carry out the construction works and linked by connection culverts. They will connect two old polluting discharge points into the new super sewer.

Once construction is complete there will be new public space extending into the foreshore – one of seven across the project - providing a new area for Londoners to enjoy the River Thames. Following the end of our works, the Thames path will also be reinstated.