Employability skills

Welcome to the Tunnelworks employability skills area.

At Thames Tideway Tunnel we recognise and wholly support the need for young people to develop practical employability skills alongside their academic education. This section of the Tunnelworks website provides a library of short videos with supporting downloadable pdfs which cover a range of typical skills used in the workplace.

Each video features a Thames Tideway Tunnel team member talking about a specific skill and giving examples of what that skill means in practice. Many people may already have a useful set of employability skills developed through school, private and social lives.

Even those who don't have much work experience can still use examples of their own skills in action when applying for jobs. The videos and pdfs to have more information about how to do this.

Introducing the Thames Tideway Tunnel

Watch the video to find out why we need to clean up the River Thames.

Teamwork and collaboration

Self-management and time management

Initiative and determination

Communication and literacy

Presentation skills

Financial and numeracy


Decision making

Analysis and problem solving