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Track our tunnelling machines

Use the map below to see the progress being made on London’s super sewer

Best viewed on desktop or in landscape mode on mobile.

Stay up-to-date on the progress being made on London's super sewer with this tunnel boring machine (TBM) tracker!

Main tunnel:

TBM Rachel - Completed her journey from Fulham to Acton
TBM Millicent - Completed her journey from Battersea to Fulham
TBM Ursula - Currently tunnelling toward Bermondsey from Battersea
TBM Selina - Soon to launch from Bermondsey (toward Abbey Mills Pumping Station)

Connection Tunnels:

TBM Charlotte - Completed the connection tunnel in Wandsworth
TBM Annie - Soon to launch from Greenwich Pumping Station toward Bermondsey 

This map is updated once a week.