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Maths KS3

Welcome to the Tunnelworks KS3 Maths area

Here you'll find four 'essentials' lessons, complete with interactive online content, student worksheets and detailed lesson plans. Each lesson challenges students to solve a realistic engineering problem to help design, build or operate the Thames Tideway Tunnel. You can dig deeper with follow-up ideas for more able students. 

In lessons one and two, explore right-angled triangles and Pythagoras' theorem using simplified engineering drawings, and use co-ordinates to create a simple map of the proposed Thames Tideway Tunnel route. 

In lessons three and four, use algebra to calculate how fast a Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) can bore through the ground, and use percentages and ratios to explore how rainfall across London drains into four Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs).

CREST Bronze Awards 

Two projects are also outlined, if you wish to connect your work to this well regarded science award scheme. 

Research project one: students can investigate how the weather and our water use are changing in London and how they create the need for an upgrade to London's sewer system. Investigative project: create two maps of your school grounds and buildings in as much detail as you can, using GPS for one map and a trundle wheel and compass for the other. 

Research project two: students are set the challenge that their school is expanding and new buildings need to be built on the other side of a busy road. Investigative project: plan a tunnel to connect the two sites and produce a report. They will consider different challenges such as the geology of the ground, lighting, materials and equipment to be used.