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These resources have been developed by Tideway, the company delivering the Thames Tideway Tunnel ‘super sewer’. They are part of our drive to raise interest and uptake in STEM related careers, develop employability skills in young people, and to support the broader curriculum.

We aim to connect theoretical classroom learning with real world applications, showing students how the knowledge and skills they are gaining in school will directly support their future jobs and careers.

Through the site you will find lessons with whiteboard friendly presentations, teaching plans and student worksheets. Our focus is mainly on science and maths but we also offer crosscurricular support at primary. The skills area enables students to explore a range of employability skills using matched videos and pdfs and the events tab covers our live programme. Please adapt these resources to meet your needs as you wish.

We are always pleased to get feedback from schools and colleges so please let us know how you get on and what else you would like to see on Tunnelworks.

For more information about Tideway, jobs and apprenticeships please visit the Tideway website.