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Measuring Volume

Introducing the Thames Tideway Tunnel. Watch the video to find out why we need to clean up the River Thames.

Maths KS2: Measuring Volume

This lesson is about measuring volume. The class work towards measuring the capacity the barge holds and that will be used to transfer spoil from tunnel construction sites downriver to be recycled. They start by working with a single cube shape, then explore how cubes can make bigger shapes, becoming familiar with the length x width x height formula. 

They use this formula to measure and work out the volume of their classroom and then consider that the holds of barges are a similar rectangular shape, so they can use the same technique to measure the amount that a barge can carry by volume. 


CREST SuperStar award 

Please note that any pupils working towards the CREST SuperStar award are eligible for a sticker/stamp for their Starlog upon completion of these activities. For more information regarding the CREST Star scheme see: 


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