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Cremorne Wharf Depot

Tideway’s construction work at Cremorne Wharf, Lots Road, is now substantially complete.

The completion of our work here is an important milestone before the project ‘goes live’ in 2024. This is when the system will be switched on and will start to protect the Thames from sewage pollution for the first time. The tunnel is due to be fully operational in 2025, when it will prevent an estimated 95 per cent of sewage spills that currently overflow into the tidal Thames, improving the water quality for fish and other wildlife - and for people who use it for recreation and leisure.

At our Cremorne site we have:

  • Excavated a 45m-deep shaft and interception chamber to intercept the sewage that currently overflows into the Thames from the Counter's Creek sewer and Lots Road Pumping Station.

  • Built a 147m long connecting tunnel to link the Cremorne site to the main sewer tunnel beneath the Thames.

  • Installed mechanical and electrical equipment to make the system run smoothly.

Although construction is mostly complete at Cremorne Wharf Depot, you may continue to see some Tideway staff as we work to bring the super sewer into operation and undertake testing work on the new systems.

Tideway will return at a later date to install new gates to the front of the Pumping Station, designed by artist Jo Chapman.

The Lots Road Pumping Station will remain an operational Thames Water site.

Jo Chapman


Artist Jo Chapman has been commissioned by Tideway to create an artwork for Lots Road Pumping Station. The proposal is to replace the pedestrian gates to the Pumping Station with a pair of new gates in painted steel using a balloon design, with the colourway reflecting the colours of the river. The proposal utilises the balloon imagery to give a sense of depth, drama and to make the imagery abstract yet recognisable. Taking line drawings of soaring balloons the artist has developed the proposal for the artwork. The muted colours of the artwork are drawn from the tones of the river Thames. The gates are the central pedestrian gates in the middle of the building, at the front of the pumping station facing onto Lots Road. The artist’s artwork will create a better relationship to Lots Road for the Pumping Station whilst celebrating the history of the area. Lots Road Pumping Station is a Grade II listed building and an operational pumping station.