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Dormay Street

Tideway’s construction work at Dormay Street is now substantially complete.

Dormay Street sits between the King George’s Park and Carnwath Road Riverside and was being used to connect the existing local combined sewer overflow (CSO) to the main tunnel. Here, Charlotte, one of the six Tideway tunnel boring machines (TBMs) was launched and completed the construction of the Frogmore Connection Tunnel – the connection between King George’s Park to Carnwath Road, linking sewer overflows into the main tunnel.

At our Dormay Street site we have:

  • Built a 1.1km long, connection tunnel at a depth of 25m and 2.6m in diameter, that links our sites at King George’s Park and Dormay Street to the main sewer tunnel at Fulham.

  • Constructed interception and valve chambers, an air treatment chamber and excavated a 25m deep shaft with a 12m diameter to intercept local sewage overflows

  • Commissioned Yemi Awosile to create a series of artworks that sit within Bell Lane Creek, off the River Wandle

  • Constructed a mechanical and electrical kiosk including installation of the equipment to help the system run smoothly

Although construction work is mostly complete, you may continue to see some Tideway staff as we work to bring the super sewer into operation. 

Yemi Awosile

Extract and Distil

Yemi has developed an artwork, which responds to this specific history of the site, and comprises a series of four sculptural elements fixed to the fenders protecting the intertidal terraces within the Bell Lane Creek, off the River Wandle. The commission celebrates the unique cultural heritage of the site by looking at its connection to medical research and scientific exploration. The emphasis is one of freedom from disease through the increased availability of pharmaceutical therapies and scientific knowledge.

The design of the artwork is based on an interlocking system of modular patterns inspired by organic chemistry. The artist has modified the artwork to incorporate visual aspects of the molecular structure of histamine (molecular formula C5H9N).

In this film, Yemi talks about the artwork and the story behind it: