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Claire Barclay

Water Finds a Level

Claire Barclay has been commissioned to create a series of artworks for the new public realm site at Putney. The artist’s proposal responds to the site’s history as set out in Tideway’s Heritage Interpretation Strategy. The ‘cultural meander’ for the West section of the tunnel is ‘Recreation to Industry: Society in Transition.’ and the site-specific narrative for Putney relates to ways in which cultural context influences popular movements advocating social change, to generate varied forms of political engagement.

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Summer 2022 Edition

River Times

Your update on london's super sewer
Brand New

Riverside Space

The new space makes visible for the first time the above-ground legacy of the super sewer. As part of our public art programme, we have installed artworks borne out of Putney’s rich heritage. They include bronze handrails cast from oars; a bronze marker for the start line of the University Boat Race; and artworks on the walls of our operational kiosk building. Timber-laid benches facing the river are positioned to make the most of the view upstream to Hammersmith and downstream, through the bridge arches. The Cornish granite on the space comes from the quarry used to construct Putney Bridge, nearly 140 years ago.