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London lifesavers benefit from new kit thanks to Tideway donation

London lifesavers benefit from new kit thanks to Tideway donation

Volunteers at Tower Lifeboat Station have become some of the first lifesavers in the country to receive the RNLI’s brand-new crew kit, which is lighter, more comfortable and designed to allow greater freedom of movement.

Kevin Maynard, RNLI station Manager at Tower Lifeboat Station said: ‘The new kit is much lighter than the old one and has breathable fabric, so it’s ideal for the work we undertake on the Thames. Our crews launch in just 90 seconds, so it’s essential the kit is comfortable and easy to put on, while also knowing it will be able to cope with the harsh conditions we often face on the River Thames’.

Steve Hails, Tideway’s Director of Health, Safety and Wellbeing, said: 'Many of our sites are based along the River Thames and we use it to transport a huge amount of materials for construction. Keeping our site teams, those working on the river and members of the public around our sites safe is a core value for us and we are delighted to be able to support organisations like the RNLI, whose invaluable work makes the River Thames a safer environment for everyone.'

Specially designed with the RNLI to ensure it meets the demanding needs of the RNLI’s volunteer crews, the new kit uses state of the art waterproof and breathable technical fabric which provides increased comfort compared to the previous non-breathable fabric of the old kit. The light but strong kit is reinforced for exposed areas and its technical layering system ensures crew members will keep warm and dry whilst out in the Lifeboat.

The kit comes in a wide range of sizes and has bespoke designs to fit both male and female crew members, unlike the kit it is replacing. The new bib, mid-layer and base-layer garments have a specific fit for female crew members, enabling better comfort and freedom of movement.

Tideway’s partnership with the RNLI includes collaboration on community events, including RNLI demos at Tideway’s recent Foreshore Festival at Putney and Shadwell, and project staff volunteering to support the RNLI’s Youth Engagement programme and its Community Responder scheme which is being piloted in London.