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Revealed: Tideway's 2020 Christmas Cartoon

Revealed: Tideway's 2020 Christmas Cartoon

Merry Christmas from Tideway

When 16-year-old Kezia Palmer joined the Tideway comms team for a mentoring session in the autumn, she was tasked with developing an idea for a Christmas ad.

The team was so impressed with what she came up with, they have now brought it to life in a short festive cartoon.

The film, which debuts as part of the latest instalment of Tunnel Vision, shows Santa and his reindeer becoming stuck in a sewage-filled River Thames, only for Tideway to step in and clear the pollution.

We also worked with Kezia’s mother to surprise her with the animation of her original brainwave.

Kezia's said: "The mentoring session was fun – it was a very exciting and informative experience. I really didn't think they were going to use my idea!"

"The finished piece looks amazing," added Kezia's mum Debi. "I didn’t tell her what it was and the initial scenes above the clouds confused her, but then she saw Santa’s sleigh and realised what she was watching. Kezia was totally surprised."

You can watch Kezia's heartwarming reaction below. See if you can also spot all the pop culture references and hidden easter eggs in the film.

Merry Christmas from Tideway. 

Merry Christmas: Kezia's surprise