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Reflecting… on River Reflections

Reflecting… on River Reflections

As part of this year's online Totally Thames Festival, Tideway created a series of films about a group of London artists whose work has been inspired by the River Thames, and which feature in a community gallery on the hoardings at Carnwath Road in Fulham.

Autumn is almost over and in the attempt to slow down time, we’re taking a moment to reflect on one of this season’s most inspiring projects. River Reflections is a collection of four films created to showcase the local artists whose artworks are being displayed at at one of the main drive sites on the Thames Tideway Tunnel project. 

This digital collection opens the door to a world of river-related masterpieces, highlighting the beauty of diversity and community, and the passion of a small group of artists.

The four films have been specially produced as Tideway’s digital entry for Totally Thames Festival 2020, an annual festival organised by the Thames Festival Trust. Totally Thames brings together an impressive collection of Thames-inspired artworks, exhibitions and art installations, and this year’s theme focused on digital adaptations and online-friendly events.

The four River Reflections films tell the story of the hands behind the paintings, illustrating the creative processes and techniques of the artists who found a muse and source of inspiration in the River Thames.

Commissioned by Tideway and created by members of the Society of Fulham Artists and Potters (SoFAP) with support from Carnwath Road Residents Group (CRRG), the artworks are the result of a fantastic project that brought into the spotlight the beauty of the River Thames, its wildlife, ecology and surrounding landscape.