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Tideway supports Race Equality Week

Tideway is supporting Race Equality Week with new pledges on inclusivity and by reaffirming our commitments on Race.

For the first time, Race Equality Week seeks to bring together organisations across the UK to seriously address racial inequality in the workplace.

The idea formed following the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020 and looks to turn declarations of commitment and support into meaningful change.

The events of 2020 sparked a great deal of reflection right across the Tideway project about what more we can do to tackle racial prejudice and inequality.

In 2019, Tideway signed up to the Race at Work Charter, committing to five key principles to address the barriers to Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) recruitment and progression.

We have appointed an Executive Sponsor for Race and maintain a zero-tolerance policy toward harassment and bullying. Through our Encompass Race Equality Group, with initiatives such as guest speakers and team workshops, we continue our efforts to learn together.

Tideway has now committed to build on our existing blind recruitment practices and introduce ‘inclusivity champions’ across the project. We have also undertaken training for senior leadership and Line Managers.

We are updating the way we capture our own ethnicity data to more accurately represent our diverse workforce and have committed to publishing both gender and ethnicity pay gap data.

Through our Race Equality Group and mentoring/reverse mentoring programmes we pledge to create a safe space for open discussion and learning experiences.

We also pledge our commitment to increase representation in our communications to be reflective and illustrative of our workforce and the diverse communities we live and work in.

Mathew Duncan, CFO and Tideway’s Executive Sponsor for Race, said: “I’m proud of the work Tideway has done to tackle prejudice and inequality in the workplace and Race Equality Week is a perfect time to reflect not only our progress, but on what more we can do.

“By reminding ourselves of our commitments under the Race at Work Charter, and by demonstrating clear leadership, we can help bring about positive change.