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Tideway plants 800 new trees

Volunteers from across the Tideway project came together to support Thames21 as part of London’s largest reforestation project.

Fifteen Tideway volunteers arrived at Enfield Chase to plant trees within 60 hectares of a former hunting ground. The area was deforested more than 200 hundred years ago and Thames21 is aiming to plant 50,000 new trees to improve the health of the area.

In under six hours, the volunteers planted an impressive 800 trees, including species of holly, oak, beech and willow.

Kelly Bradley, who organised the Tideway volunteering event, said: “This was an amazing team volunteering event, where the weather was on our side and the day provided a massive boost for our wellbeing.

"I would like to come back to the farm every 10 years with my children to see the difference we have made to the land and I can be proud to say our small efforts made a big difference“.