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A new interactive map summarising Tideway's community investment has been launched

Tideway have launched a new interactive map which summarises their community investment.

Tideway's community investment programme has aimed to support communities along the tunnel route and a series of partnerships has helped Londoners to reconnect with the River Thames and to green their local communities.

The programme has supported almost 50,000 people and more than 500 organisations. Tideway staff have given more than 33,000 hours of their time.

The new interactive map summarises Tideway's investments in different areas across West, Central and East London. To view the new map, visit Tideway’s ‘Community’ page by clicking here. When on the map, click on the icons to get more information on Tideway’s various community investment programmes. On the 'Community' page, you will also find some overall impacts, along with case studies and more.