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BSI certification shows Tideway's dedication to being a 'leading example' in infrastructure

Tideway has received three certificates from BSI, the business standards company, for its business management system.

Following an audit in October, BSI has awarded certification to Tideway's management systems in accordance with Quality Management (ISO 9001), Environmental Management (ISO 14001) and Occupational Health and Safety (OHSAS 18001).

The certificates were awarded following an independent assessment of Tideway's Programme Integrated Management Systems (PIMS), which defines the processes and systems in place to deliver the Thames Tideway Tunnel.

Mark Sneesby, Tideway's Chief Operating Officer, said: "This is a huge achievement for Tideway and reflective of the effort put in by employees across the company. It demonstrates our dedication to making sure we do things properly at Tideway, and being a leading example of how infrastructure projects should operate.

"We are setting an example to our supply chain by gaining and maintaining certification to all three standards. It is a requirement for our Main Works Contractors and System Integrator to also gain management system certification."

The certificates were formally presented at the project's offices in Paddington on Thursday 26 November.

The presentations follow a week of assessments by two BSI auditors, who interviewed staff across all Tideway departments to gain evidence of implementation of our management system documented in PIMS. 

A well-designed and maintained management system based on ISO principles aims to provide Tideway with a solid framework for improvement, opportunities to demonstrate clear leadership and control of management system processes.

It also aims to increase information sharing, improved employee awareness of management systems and a better understanding of stakeholder expectations.

In order to maintain certification, Tideway will continue to be assessed on an annual basis.

Toni Allen, UK Head of Client Propositions, BSI comments: "Tideway should be very proud that they have achieved certification to all three standards. By gaining this certification, they have demonstrated their commitment to becoming a more sustainable organization and to improving the quality of their systems and services. Furthermore, they have shown that they are carrying out best practice when it comes to occupational health and safety."