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Keeping it rail: YouTuber visits the Super Sewer

Train enthusiast Geoff Marshall, whose rail-centric YouTube channel has over 160,000 subscribers, recently visited Kirtling Street to take a trip into the tunnel and ride one of our trains.

Geoff’s videos tend to focus on unusual facts about train stations, London-based transport challenges, and unearthing long-forgotten secrets that are in some way linked to the railways.

He hit the headlines across numerous national media outlets in 2017 when he succeeded in visiting all 2,563 railways stations in the UK, and subsequently also went on to alight at the 198 railways stations in operation in Ireland.

However, despite his love of trains, his desire to travel to every station and to utilise every form of locomotive transport, there was one journey that, until recently, he was not even aware existed.

However, once alerted to the opportunity to ride one of the UK’s most exclusive rail lines – the one that is vital to the creation of the super sewer – Geoff soon found himself dressed in full PPE armed with his trusty camera and accompanied by partner and fellow train lover Vicki Pipe.

The video of the trip into the Thames Tideway Tunnel, which has amassed over 190,000 views on YouTube at the time of writing and was at one point trending at number 27 across the whole platform, has been incredibly well received by viewers, many of whom stated they although they live very close to a Tideway construction site, they were unaware that the project was taking place.

Speaking after the video was published, Geoff said: “A massive thanks to everyone who helped us on the day and who worked to facilitate the shoot. I’d like to say a huge thanks to Paul Hallows, who was absolutely fantastic on the day, and to the rest of the team for being so informative and willing to answer all of my questions!”

Watch 'Riding the Tideway Tunnel Train' below.