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Three giant shafts fully-excavated in central London for super sewer

Three giant shafts fully-excavated in central London for Super Sewer

Three Tideway sites have completed excavation of their shafts that will connect the old sewers to the new super sewer, and constructed concrete base slabs at the bottom of the structures, marking the completion of the primary lining for each. 

Shafts at Albert Embankment, Heathwall Pumping Station and Victoria Embankment were excavated to final depths of 50m, 28m and 48m respectively, before the teams poured continuous concrete to the bottom of the structure to create a secure concrete base for each shaft.

Concrete needed to be poured continuously to ensure consistent quality in the slabs that are up to 3m thick. 



In total, 23 shafts will be constructed as part of the Project, used to combine intercepted sewage overflows at each location and connect them into the main 25km tunnel being constructed to clean up the River Thames.