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Archaeologists set to begin work in Barn Elms

Archaeologists set to begin work in Barn Elms

Archaeologists are set to begin work at Tideway's site at Barn Elms in the coming weeks in the hope of unearthing some prehistoric (Iron Age) discoveries.

As part of the works at this site, Tideway is building new changing rooms for the Barn Elms Sports Centre. 

And now that those new changing rooms are on the “home stretch”, the team’s focus is switching to the demolition of the existing changing rooms and to the main site, where some interesting archaeological work is set to begin. 

Toby Lidstone, Sub Agent at Barn Elms, explained: “We’ve got two main elements at Barn Elms – the changing rooms and the main site.

“Regarding the first, we’ve hit a few milestones over the last few months. The windows are in, and we now have the building airtight so we can start work on installing the flooring and completing the internal decorating.

“External work on the changing rooms is also now underway, and this really feels like the home stretch. We’ll soon start work on the demolition of the existing changing rooms.

“Elsewhere on site, the access road is now complete so there’s lots of activity toward mobilisation on the main site and we’re working hard to get all the hoardings up.”

Toby said that there was a great deal of work going on from lots of teams, including the designers, the sub-contractors, Tideway as well as the local authorities.

He added: “At the end of this month, we’re hoping to begin installing the sheet piles for the cofferdam, then we’re looking toward the main works.

“There’s also some key interest from the archaeology community because this part of London hasn’t had much excavation in recent times, so there’s potential for some Iron Age finds.”

Check back soon for an archaeological update.