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A warm welcome at Heathwall

A stylish sign erected at Heathwall Pumping Station is greeting visitors that visit the site on the central section of the Tideway project.

Speaking about the sign, David Kay, Construction Manager, said: “We previously had two Heathwall signs above the main entrance gates, but they had to be removed so we could make both entrances wider.

“At the time we thought we could do something with one of them when the cofferdam was completed so we stored them on the marine craft. The marine team welders then attached the sign on the piles on the day the team left site.”

The Heathwall site is part of a Thames Water Pumping Station in Battersea. The team here is currently excavating two shafts to intercept two different sewers, working in some of the most challenging conditions across the whole project.

Located around 200m from Kirtling Street, one of the most substantial Tideway sites, the Heathwall team is having to work around existing structures and in an incredibly compact environment.

Lack of space means that logistics are crucial; there is very little storage room, so all incomings and outgoings need to be timed with great precision to keep work on schedule. Not only that, but the Heathwall site is currently operating 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday.