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Muck bin inspired by Irish sport of hurling

The ancient Gaelic sport of hurling has influenced how a structure used to store excavated tunnel material from the super sewer was designed, thanks to some innovative thinking. 

Eoin Cheevers, Design Manager on the western section of the Thames Tideway Tunnel was inspired to propose the development of a bespoke muck bin following a day out watching hurling in his native Ireland.

Prior to his brainwave the muck bin located at the Carnwath Road site had thrown up some challenges, largely around how the expansive roof could be effectively and safely supported.

The muck bin is used to store tunnel spoil in advance of it being loaded onto the conveyor system, transferred onto barges and finally removed from site.

Upon seeing a cantilever stadium stand at the GAA match he was attending, Eoin wondered whether adopting a similar design would be viable at the Fulham site. 


Following conversations with colleagues David Brown (Engineering Manager) and Miguel Gouveia (Scaffold Foreman), it was determined that such a design would be a workable solution. Designs were subsequently mocked up, and eventually a 3D model was created that represented the finalised solution.

The team then liaised with nearby residents to advise them on how the new and improved muck bin would look, and spoke to the local authority to ensure the updated roof structure would be compliant with existing environmental consents.