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TBM Rachel marks first kilometre

TBM Rachel marks first kilometre

Rachel, the tunnel boring machine (TBM) digging the west section of the Thames Tideway Tunnel has completed the first kilometre of her 7km journey from Fulham to Acton.

The TBM began its journey earlier this year after being lowered 35 metres into the ground at Tideway's Carnwath Road Riverside site in Fulham.

Once complete, this section of the tunnel will mark the ‘start’ and shallowest part of London’s new super sewer.

The super sewer is currently under construction deep beneath the Thames to prevent millions of tonnes of sewage pollution entering the river each year.

Four giant machines are being used to create the main tunnel, with three well underway across the capital.

Two other slightly smaller machines are being used to create connections into the main tunnel, one from Greenwich and another from Wandsworth.  

Each machine was named after an inspirational woman from history with ties to the local area, with Rachel named after Rachel Parsons – the founding president of the Women's Engineering Society and a former Fulham resident. 


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