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100th Segment Barge Arrives at Kirtling Street

100th segment barge arrives at Kirtling Street

Kirtling Street, Tideway's tunnel drive site in Battersea, recently received its 100th barge delivery of the pre-cast concrete segments that are used to line the main tunnel. 

Eight segments make up one full ring, with each segment weighing around four tonnes. The segments are stored on site before being lowered into the site's shaft and transported to one of the two tunnel boring machines currently driving from Kirtling Street, which will then secure them in place. 

All of the concrete segments that will be used for the tunnel are being delivered by river transport, as part of Tideway's commitment to utilise the river when possible. Over 25,000 of the concrete segments have been delivered to the site so far, removing the need for over 6,000 heavy goods vehicle movements on the road.