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Meet the Engineer: Ana Burgos

At Tideway, our aim is to inspire the engineers of tomorrow by promoting the STEM subjects of science, technology, engineering and maths.

We also want to showcase some of the many talented people we have working across the project. Meet Construction Engineer Ana Burgos.

When Ana Burgos was deciding which degree to pursue at University it boiled down to a supposedly difficult choice between her two specialisms: biochemistry or engineering.

Ultimately, it would transpire to be a straight forward decision.

“They are like day and night. I quickly realised I would much rather enjoy working as an engineer rather than a researcher. Forty years working versus five years studying? Engineering won!”

Ana would then attend University of Castilla-La Mancha near where she grew up in Spain, where she duly completed her Engineering degree. Subsequently she then accepted an offer to join a 6-month internship programme in the UK.

Those initial six months have now turned into nine years, and Ana is now a part of the NEC Supervisor team that covers Barn Elms, Hammersmith Pumping Station and Acton Tanks on the Tideway project, with her focus being on the quality of the civil works.

“I joined Tideway in January 2016, after working on the Lee Tunnel for two years” says Ana, as she reflects on her journey to Tideway, and the evolution of her career on the project.

 “I started with the Engineering team, performing a design assurance role with a focus on Dormay Street and King George’s Park.”

As with the many roles Ana has fulfilled on the project, each one gave her the tools and experience needed to complete the next.

“That (role) helped me understand the design philosophy of the western section of the Tideway project, which came in very handy when I jumped into a Construction Assurance role at Acton Storm Tanks two years ago.”

Ana has decided that now is the right time to return home in Spain, after almost a decade in the UK, and will always remember Tideway for helping her grow as a professional.

“I ran out of roles that I can perform in the project. So, it is now time to head back to Spain… Thanks Tideway in helping me grow as an engineer”

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