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Secondary lining for giant shaft complete in Bermondsey

Secondary lining for giant shaft complete in Bermondsey

The secondary lining for a 60m-deep shaft built in Bermondsey is now complete, marking another step toward a cleaner River Thames.

More than 4,000 cubic metres of concrete was poured to create the inner lining, which was built using a construction method known as ‘slipform’, a system of concrete formwork that is raised vertically to allow the concrete to be poured in one continuous process.

And thanks to an on-site concrete batching plant at Tideway’s Chambers Wharf site, an estimated 540 concrete trucks were kept off local roads.

All the aggregate for the batching plant was delivered to site using barges on the river, saving 300 lorry trips.

The 60m-deep shaft at Chambers Wharf is a key part of Tideway’s work to clean up the River Thames.

A tunnel boring machine (TBM) called Selina will begin her journey to Abbey Mills Pumping Station here later this year.

The shaft will also receive two TBMs that will finish their journeys here: Ursula, creating a central section of the main tunnel; and Annie, building a connection tunnel from Greenwich.

The slipform method underway back in November