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Interception Chamber in full shape at Albert and Chelsea

Interception Chambers in full shape at Albert and Chelsea

Two deep interception chambers – on Albert and Chelsea Embankments – have been completed, marking two key construction milestones for the Tideway project since returning to work. 

These chambers will intercept sewage from the existing sewer system, which would normally overflow into the Thames, and redirects it into the main super sewer, currently under construction. 

To construct the interception chambers, the teams have been digging each level, casting a concrete slab, and then repeating the process as they progress further down. The different levels will help control the flow of sewage to reduce the impact on the system.

The completed structure at Chelsea Embankment is back-to-back with the shaft – both of which were built in a 'cofferdam', a new piece of land built out into the Thames.

At Albert Embankment, the 15m-deep structure is also located within a cofferdam built into the river alongside Vauxhall Bridge. It will intercept sewage flows from the Brixton and Clapham sewer outlets, located either side of the bridge.

In advance of small teams returning to sites, a series of detailed safety reviews led Tideway and its contractors to implement measures to protect its workers and the wider community.

The measures fit within the Construction Leadership Council’s guidance and official public health advice, and include social distancing and personal travel plans.