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Meet the Engineer: Adnan Noor

At Tideway, our aim is to inspire the engineers of tomorrow by promoting the STEM subjects of science, technology, engineering and maths.

We also want to showcase some of the many talented people we have working across the project. Meet Construction Engineer Adnan Noor.

After taking time off from the industry to travel, Adnan Noor was keen to be involved in another major project in London. The opportunity on Tideway’s Super Sewer presented itself at a perfect time as he arrived back in the UK. He was fortunate enough to be assigned a role and to pick up where he had left off.

“I’ve been on the Tideway Project for a year now and have worked on our Chelsea Embankment Foreshore and Falconbrook Pumping Station sites,” says Adnan. “During that time, I have seen a lot of developments and the progress from both Chelsea and Falconbrook has been incredible.”

As a Construction Engineer, he works closely with the team to ensure the high quality of the works and health and safety standards are met in everything they do. “I really enjoy engaging with different members of the team, I have the opportunity to learn and gain greater understanding of the works from different perspectives.”

There have been many unique challenges on both sites where Adnan has worked. “Piling is always an unpredictable activity and at Chelsea Embankment we moved away from older practices to new, better practices to meet the high durability standards set,” he says. “The concrete used in the piling required extensive trialling before the work could start.”

At Falconbrook Pumping Station, the team also developed an innovative way of installing the de-aeration pipe (a large ventilation pipe for the new sewer) where it was driven in at an angle, something that has never been done before.

“We had to find a way to install the pipe at an angle due to the location of the existing sewers and the limited space we were working with. Before we could attempt this, we had to ensure that every detail was carefully scrutinised before the work could commence. This was successful, and we installed the ventilation pipe within tolerance.”

There is still a long way to go on the Tideway project before Adnan and his team are finished, and he is looking forward to what the rest of his time has to offer. “On my sites we have the interception chambers to complete, and the overflow weir chamber, connection culvert and tunnel to complete at Chelsea. We also have the shaft and connection tunnel to complete at Falconbrook, so still plenty of work before I can begin to think beyond Tideway.”

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