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Site staff's quick gander floats trapped goose to freedom

A stuck goose was far from cooked when quick-thinking operatives at Heathwall Pumping Station floated their new feathered friend to freedom.

The team at the site in Battersea recently carried out an extensive readiness review and obtained approval for work to resume in small numbers.

One of the first tasks on returning to site was to rescue a goose which had fallen into the cylindrical cofferdam piles. Site operative Dave Kay acted quickly to fill the pile with water allowing the goose to float to the top and fly away.  

The team nicknamed the goose “Ryan” before he resumed his journey.

It follows another recent encounter with wildlife on sites for London’s Super Sewer.

Previously a swan, exhausted after being chased by a skulk of foxes at Tideway’s site at Greenwich Pumping Station, was rescued by security guards and safely returned to Deptford Creek.