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Tideway-backed community centre doubles as covid testing site

Tideway-backed community centre doubles as covid testing site

A community centre in Fulham that underwent a £2m Tideway-backed restoration is now being used as a Covid testing facility.

The Sands End Art and Community Centre closed in 2013, but with backing from Tideway and Chelsea FC, the centre reopened last year – but has so far been unable to realise its potential due to the pandemic.

Once fully up and running, the centre will be run by – and for – the local community, offering a range of facilities and initiatives.

The centre, however, has currently be repurposed as a testing facility to help gather data and stop the spread of Covid-19.

Reverend William Rogers from the nearby St Matthews Church said: “What a brilliant initiative to offer Covid tests at the Sands End Community and Arts Centre.

“Well done LBHF and thank you again to Tideway and Chelsea FC for funding this community asset."

David Somner from the centre added: “The testing is going really well – the steady stream of people through the door is probably more footfall than I would expect.

“I don't think we can make people a coffee at the speed people are getting tested!”