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Final concrete base slab on Tideway poured in project's deepest shaft

The final concrete base slab on Tideway has been poured and set in the deepest shaft on the entire project.

At King Edward Memorial Park in Wapping, the team completed excavation of the full 64m depth last month and last week poured 780m3 of concrete.

Concrete base slabs are often poured in one continuous operation to ensure the integrity and quality of the finished product.

The operation began just after 7am and ran until around midnight – marking a major milestone for the team at Tideway’s easternmost riverside site.

Attention now turns to the shaft's secondary lining and the walls for the interception chamber. 

TBM Selina is the final machine creating the main tunnel, digging from Chambers Wharf to Abbey Mills Pumping Station – passing Wapping en route.

The team at King Edward Memorial Park will link into the super sewer via the connection tunnel, set to be dug next year. 

Tideway’s work here will intercept the North East Storm Relief Sewer, which discharges hundreds of thousands of tonnes of sewage into the Thames every year.

Once operational, these spills will be reduced by 90 per cent, creating a much better river environment for recreational river users like those at the nearby Shadwell Basin Outdoor Activity Centre.

Tideway is also creating a beautiful new piece of public land to extend the park into the river – this land will be landscaped and handed back to the local authority.