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Vortex tube lifted into place at Acton

A vortex tube structure has been delivered and successfully installed at Acton Storm Tanks for London’s ‘super sewer’.

The giant pipe, which controls the flows of liquid into the main shaft, is 18 metres long and weighs 28 tonnes. In preparation, the site team installed the heavy-duty falsework support system for the 2.1 metre diameter drop tube.

The lift was then carried out successfully last week using a 200-tonne mobile crane with the vortex tube now supported and horizontally braced at two levels. 

The team has also installed reinforcement around the tube as well as adapting the slipform rig to recommence the secondary lining of the shaft which was briefly paused to take delivery of the vortex.   

Last year, this site received Tunnel Boring Machine Rachel which tunnelled the western 7km section of the ‘super sewer’ from Carnwath Road in Fulham breaking into the shaft at Acton.

Acton Storm Tanks is the most western site on the Tideway project and is an existing Thames Water pumping station and storm water tanks site. This is also the start of the main tunnel and will intercept the Acton Storm Relief combined sewer overflow.