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Connection tunnel completed at Albert Embankment

Work to connect the existing sewers into the new super sewer has reached a key milestone at Albert Embankment foreshore, following the breakthrough of a 30 metre tunnel under Vauxhall Bridge.

Once in operation, the 2.5 metre-diameter tunnel will take sewage from the Clapham sewer outfall, located upstream of Vauxhall Bridge, into an interception chamber and ultimately to the main tunnel of the super sewer.

The culvert is formed of 14 concrete pipes reinforced with stainless steel, pushed hydraulically into the ground, and took around two months to build.

Lee Fisher, project manager at Albert Embankment, said: “This was a challenging pipejacking operation, taking place at a shallow depth under a busy part of London. The huge amount of preparation by the team included stabilising the ground and providing protection from the Thames’ tides, which allowed us to make good progress. Throughout this piece of work, we have utilised the river to deliver supplies and remove spoil, reducing the number of lorries on London’s roads.”

The shield and all the concrete pipes used to construction the tunnel was removed by river.  

Once construction is complete at the site, there will be new public spaces extending into the foreshore providing a new area of foreshore for Londoners to enjoy the river Thames.