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Music workshop backed by Tideway releases four new songs

Music academy backed by Tideway releases four new songs

A music academy in Wandsworth – one of five community groups in the borough to receive support from the Tideway project – has now produced and released four beautiful songs, including one celebrating the River Thames.

Last year, Tideway committed funding to five local groups to deliver positive and impactful projects in the local community. One of the projects, Ebb and Flow, aimed to connect young people from the World Heart Beat Music Academy with residents of Nine Elms to celebrate the Thames and the local area through music.

Ebb and Flow provided creative opportunities for young people aged between eight and 23, developing their communications, songwriting and performance skills. The group participated in a range of activities inspired by the river, while the project also supported seven students in gaining experience in event and project management, filming, recording and producing.

The Wandsworth Community Fund was open to organisations supporting people where our construction sites are based and the Borough’s most deprived wards, as measured by the English Indices of Deprivation. Five grants were given to charities and social enterprises supporting young people, families in food poverty and vulnerable groups.

The four songs are: River, Step Inside, Tread Lightly – and Go with the Flow, which you can listen to below: