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Primary school pupils learn about the super sewer with Tideway staff

Primary school pupils learn about the super sewer with Tideway staff

As part of British Science Week, Tideway hosted more than thirty five- and six-year-olds at its London Bridge offices to talk about the project’s work to clean up the River Thames.

Students from Boutcher Primary School in Bermondsey joined staff on the project for their first ever school trip – learning about the pollution problems in the river and other science-related topics.

Tideway’s staff volunteers were kept on their toes by the students, fielding questions like ‘how long does it take to build a house’, and talking about our five senses before venturing outdoors to engage with the surrounding environment.

Kelly Bradley, Community Investment Manager, said: “These students were the most engaged group we’ve ever met on Tideway and it was fantastic to be able to host them for their first ever school trip.

“Our staff thoroughly enjoyed answering all their questions. This was without doubt one of the most fun – and cutest – volunteering experiences we’ve had!”

"I loved going to the place where my dad works. We looked out of the giant windows at the River Thames. The water looked brown. My dad is working on the new sewer."
– Rufus

"It was interesting to find out more about the sewer and the tunnels that help water get to the end."
– Raphael

"I enjoyed learning about the sewers and the new super sewer in London. We went to a local garden to explore. We saw bees, flowers and even a bug hotel. They help the wildlife around us."
– Martha