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Secondary lining for shaft complete at Acton Storm Tanks

The team working on the most western site of the Tideway project has recently completed the secondary lining of its 35-metre-deep shaft, marking a key milestone at Acton Storm Tanks and another step towards a cleaner River Thames. The shaft will be used to combine intercepted sewage overflows at Acton and connect them into the main 25km tunnel.

In an operation which started in October 2021, around 850 cubic metres of concrete across 28 pours were required to complete the lining. Two different mixtures of concrete were designed for the process to ensure the shaft is provided with resistance to abrasion, ensuring the 120-year design life while providing a smooth and consistent finish.

Now that the secondary lining is complete, the Acton team can continue other critical works to complete the shaft which includes the construction of the Tunnel Portal to connect the shaft with the main tunnel.  

Patricia Sanchez, Tideway’s Project Manager at Acton said: “We’re very proud of the progress made and of the good quality achieved due to a high standard of workmanship. We have a great team at Acton and the lessons learned from other sites were also implemented, which has led to the successful outcome.”