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Blackfriars cofferdam removal begins

At Blackfriars Bridge foreshore site for London’s super sewer, the team has begun removing the eastern cofferdam following the completion of the east section of the new river wall.

Once the sheet piles are removed, the river wall constructed to contain the sewer interception structures will be visible giving a glimpse of the new area of public space which will be left behind once Tideway has finished its work.   

At Blackfriars, the cofferdam is split into two sections – east and west. They provide a dry working area built into the river, and were constructed using sheet piles. The piles are 15 metres long and driven up to five metres into the riverbed. There are 35 sheet piles to be removed from the eastern cofferdam in total which will be transported from site by barge on the River Thames, preventing the need for lorry journeys on London’s congested streets.

The western section of the cofferdam will remain in place until next year.

Once open, the newly named Bazalgette Embankment to the west of Blackfriars Bridge will include a new City Walkway as well as open space for recreation and leisure activities.

The team at Blackfriars has also poured the heading beam at the top of the shaft. This is the 18th and final pour in the shaft secondary lining. Work will now begin on the vortex access and shaft roof.