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Chelsea Embankment Bull Ring completed

Chelsea Embankment Bull Ring completed

The Tideway team at Chelsea Embankment site for London's super sewer has finished work on the ‘Bull Ring’ in front of the Royal Chelsea Hopsital. 

The Bull Ring Gate Forecourt is an open-air entrance to the Hospital and had been cordoned off during Tideway’s work at the riverside location. 

But the area is now open once again – in time for this year’s Chelsea Flower Show – and has been given a subtle makeover, with a widened, York stone footpath and muted granite elements. 

The old roundabout has been replaced by a row of traditional bollards, formalising the new space and linking it to the other surrounding heritage elements. 

The nearby foreshore site has also recently completed landscaping on the floodable terraces, part of the new riverwall, planting species such as rushes, grasses, sedge, sea aster and irises.

Tideway’s work at Chelsea Embankment will intercept one of London’s most polluting combined sewer overflows (CSOs), the Ranelagh CSO, which discharges an average of 283,000 tonnes of untreated sewage into the Thames in a typical year. 

In addition, the work will be influential on ten other CSOs along the northern bank of the River Thames, which together discharge more than 2m tonnes of untreated sewage. 

Tideway’s work will reduce discharges from the Ranelagh by around 94 percent and on the other ten by around 88 percent, helping to create a much healthier river environment for generations to come. 

Chelsea will also be home to a beautiful new piece of public space, built out into the River Thames, for Londoners and visitors to the city to enjoy.