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Bazalgette's heritage lamps reinstated along Chelsea Embankment

Bazalgette's heritage lamps reinstated along Chelsea Embankment

Iconic riverside lamps that were removed to enable work on London’s super sewer have now been reinstated along Chelsea Embankment. 

The lamps were among a range of ‘heritage’ items that were carefully removed and stored while work on the Thames Tideway Tunnel progressed. 

Now, with the vast majority of underground work done – as well as much of the work on surface level – the lamps have been refurbished and reinstated along the embankment. 

Sir Joseph Bazalgette, who designed and built London’s sewer system in the 1860s, also designed the lamps in place along Chelsea Embankment. 

Good progress is being made at Tideway’s site along Chelsea Embankment, with work on the architecture and landscaping features ongoing. 

Tideway’s work at this site is set to intercept the Ranelagh combined sewer overflow, which spills nearly 300,000 tonnes of sewage into the Thames in a typical year.

This summer, Tideway will begin testing the system and diverting storm sewage away from the River Thames for the first time – with the system set to be fully operational in 2025. 

Sewage spills into the River Thames will be reduced by 95% once the project is complete.