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TEST- SR Summary

Our Legacy

Creating a cleaner, healthier river is part of our legacy – but we are delivering a wider impact too. We wanted to create a wider legacy for the capital and, in doing so, help realise the vision to reconnect London with the River Thames.

As well as completing the tunnel below ground to deliver a long-term environmental benefit, we have been creating wider social impacts above ground. These include using the Thames to transport material, bringing jobs and skills back to the river,  supporting our communities through employment and through partnerships with local organisations and creating new public spaces in and around the Thames. These impacts can be categorised into five themes: Environment, Health, Safety and Wellbeing, Economy, People, and Place.

Use the buttons on the infographic below to navigate a selection of the legacy benefits we have delivered during construction.

Open Modal forEnvironment Environment
Open Modal forHealth, Safety and Wellbeing Health, Safety and Wellbeing
Open Modal forEconomy Economy
Open Modal forPeople People
Open Modal forPlace Place