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Last updated: 03 April 2017

About us

About the organisation

Tideway is the organisation delivering the Thames Tideway Tunnel, on behalf of its owners at Bazalgette Tunnel Ltd. Tideway employs more than 400 highly experienced professionals to deliver the 25 kilometre sewer tunnel needed to prevent an average 20 million tonnes each year of untreated sewage discharging into the tidal River Thames in London.

Tideway is independent of Thames Water, and its revenues are determined via a separate licence for Bazalgette Tunnel Ltd, from Ofwat. Bill payments for the tunnel will be collected via Thames Water. Thames Water will continue to provide water and wastewater services to its customers as it does now.

Project legacy

The tunnel will not only improve the environment, ecology, public health, appearance and reputation of London, but it will also give a much-needed and immediate boost to the economy by offering thousands of skilled jobs and hundreds of apprenticeships.


Protect and enhance the environment

Environment2 20


Benefit London’s economy and skills base

Economy 20


Inspire a new generation, improve skills and the health of river users

People 20


Sir Neville Simms

Andy Mitchell
Chief Executive Officer