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Tideway listed in top 25 on the GivX Index

Tideway listed in top 25 on the GivX Index

Tideway’s community investment work has been listed among the nation’s top 25 in the GivX Index for the third year running.

The index, which received over 100 entrants, measures how companies give back to society through their community investments and partnerships, as well as charitable donations, staff volunteering and fundraising.

Over 2018/19 Tideway staff volunteered more than 3,500 hours (1,000 of which used their professional skills) and raised more than £42,000 for charity, while Tideway itself gave more than £750,000 in community investments and donations.

This equates to an average ‘community giving value’ of £1,870 per staff member. GivX also publishes indexes for key business sectors – with Tideway finishing in the top three for construction and architecture.

John Sage, Tideway’s Corporate Responsibility Manager, said: “Tideway has always been about delivering a wider legacy for London, in addition to constructing a 25km tunnel to clean up the river for future generations.

“A key part of that legacy is our investment in, and support for, charities and community organisations across London - we support larger charities that work across the capital and smaller community groups that are based close to our sites.

“We also work closely with schools across London so that our STEM ambassadors can talk about their work to inspire the next generation of engineers and construction workers. It is great to see our efforts and the brilliant volunteering and fundraising efforts of our staff recognised like this.”

A spokesperson from Benefacto, which runs the GivX Index, said: “Companies that top the 2019 GivX charts have made huge contributions to the community through volunteering and financial donations – you have to give more than ever to be listed in 2019.

“GivX this year shows that strong community investment aren’t built by money and policies alone. They’re formed by proactive people showing leadership and proving how important helping the community is to them.

“The top performing companies give almost four times more back to the community for every pound they spend.”