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Tunnel under the Thames - Tideway launches new interactive app

Tideway, the company delivering London’s new super sewer, has launched an app that allows people to explore what is going on underneath the city as the Thames Tideway Tunnel is being built.

The app has been designed to provide teachers, students and anyone interested in the project with an interactive way of learning about it. Features include an interactive map of Tideway’s construction sites, a 3D model of a giant Tunnel Boring Machine and profiles of career options on the project. One particularly exciting feature is the ability to watch the tunnel being built in 3D, gaining a full understanding of how the machines work.

Shireen Ali-Khan, Tideway’s Education Programme Co-ordinator, said: “This innovative app brings one of the country’s biggest infrastructure projects to life in 3D in an easily accessible way for young people, giving them a unique insight into life as an engineer or in the construction industry.”

The app goes hand in hand with Tunnelworks, an education programme that has been developed by Tideway as part of its drive to raise interest and uptake in STEM related careers, develop employability skills in young people, and to support the broader curriculum.

The aim is to connect theoretical classroom learning with real world applications, showing students how the knowledge and skills they are gaining in school will directly support their future jobs and careers.

Work on the super sewer ramps up in 2018 with tunnelling starting later this year.

The app is now live here:

It can also be downloaded from Google Play Store (Mobile), Google Play Store (Tablet) or Apple App Store.