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Intertidal terraces complete at Chelsea Embankment

New public spaces along the River Thames are becoming more visible with the completion of terracing at Tideway’s Chelsea Embankment site.

As secondary lining of the main super sewer beneath London progresses, work continues above ground at 24 constructions sites, including seven riverside locations where new public areas will be created.  

At Chelsea, in front of the Royal Chelsea Hospital, the intertidal terraces are now complete and architectural brickwork is progressing.

When construction of the Thames Tideway Tunnel is finished, three acres of new spaces will be created along the route of the river while parts of the sites at Chelsea and Victoria Embankments and at King Edward Memorial Park will be ‘floodable’ at high tides. The largest public realm will be located at Blackfriars Bridge.

At Chelsea Embankment, Tideway is working across two sites - north and south. The south site located on the foreshore lies within a cofferdam, a dry working area built out into the river. Here, a 45m-deep shaft links the site to the main super sewer below the River Thames via a connection tunnel. The roof slab at the top of the shaft has now been completed.

Across the road on the north site, a 23m-deep overflow weir chamber will receive sewage that overflows from the existing Low Level 1 sewer and direct it towards the main tunnel via a connection culvert. Work has now begun on reinstating this site including the footpath.

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