Blackfriars Bridge Foreshore (City of London)

Blackfriars Bridge Foreshore (City of London)

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On the northern bank of the River Thames, the Blackfriars Bridge Foreshore site comprises two parts: the main construction area which is located to the west of, and under, Blackfriars Road Bridge, and a smaller secondary area, located to the east of Blackfriars Rail Bridge. The purpose of the secondary site is for the construction of a replacement for Blackfriars Millennium Pier, which lies within the main construction site.

The work will comprise construction of a new area of public space in the foreshore with shop frontages, a freestanding kiosk, info point and café.

The Problem

At this location, in a typical year, there are 21 discharges of untreated sewage with a volume of about 520,000 tonnes into the tidal River Thames.

The Solution

Our Blackfriars Bridge Foreshore site will control the discharges from the Fleet Main combined sewer overflow. When the tunnel is in operation it is expected that only four discharges would occur.

What will be happening in 2017?

Early 2016 preparatory work began at our Blackfriars site to prepare for the construction of the main shaft and tunnel.  Much of this preparatory work has already been completed, There are some early works that are still underway, these include:

  • A new public lift that will open late January 2017
  • A new staircase that will be open to the public in late December 2016

The new lift and stairs will connect Paul’s walk with Blackfriars road bridge and Blackfriars railway station.

The early works will be undertaken with the same controls identified in the Development Consent Order and Code of Construction Practice. Businesses and residents will be notified in advance of any works taking place.

We will be making a number of submissions to the City of London as part of the consents we need to secure before starting different phases of work at the Blackfriars site. These submissions are available to view on the City of London’s planning portal. Please click here to be redirected. If you are interested on commenting on these submissions, please ensure you respond directly to the City of London.

Changes to the road layout at Blackfriars Bridge

From January 2017 work will begin to change the layout of the road along Victoria Embankment at Blackfriars. The new road layout will come into force on 20 February 2017 until approximately 2021.

The layout of the east-west Cycle Super Highway (CS3) and the north-south Cycle Super Highway (CS6) will both change. Both cycle routes will continue to be in full operation and linked by segregated two-way cycle lanes on the Victoria Embankment.

From 20 February 2017 part of the Riverside Walk (Thames Path) between Blackfriars Bridge and Temple Avenue will be closed. Pedestrians will be able to use the footpath on the Victoria Embankment slip-road. There will be an alternative route in operation which will be clearly signposted. Prior to the closure a new lift and stairs connecting the new Blackfriars Pier and Blackfriars station will be in operation improving access between the bridge and the embankment.

Motorists and other road users will follow a signposted diversion.

Transport for London have detailed travel information available on their website:  

What are the Standard working hours?

  • Standard working hours will be 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 1pm Saturdays. Vehicle movements would also be restricted to these times
  • Loading of barges and barge movements would take place within standard hours

How will we use the river?

We have committed to using river transport as much as possible to reduce the number of heavy goods vehicles on the roads.

For Blackfriars Bridge Foreshore we anticipate an average of three barges will access the site per day, subject to the tides, with each barge taking approximately 56 heavy goods vehicles off the road.

An anticipated daily average of 11 heavy goods vehicles would access the site each day. This will rise to approximately 46 per day for approximately three months during the peak of activity.

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Community Liaison Working Groups

The first meeting of the Blackfriars Bridge Foreshore Community Liaison Working Group was a Business Breakfast on the 30 November.

The purpose of this group is to keep you informed about our works, listen to your views and feedback and help minimise disruption to your community. If you are interested in being involved or would like to find out more call our Helpdesk on 08000 30 80 80 or email

Site location

Blackfriars Bridge Foreshore - Works update


20 April 2017 - Change to Paul's Walk

From 24th April 2017 we will be closing the riverside path and underpass . More information

19 December 2016 - Change to Road Layout

Ahead of our main works starting, the road layout is changing at on the Victoria Embankment. More information


Blackfriars Bridge Foreshore - How we will minimise disruption

  • All static machinery and plant will be screened or enclosed
  • The excavated material handling area will be enclosed
  • Vehicle movements will be strictly limited to set times and coordinated to ensure that no lorries queue outside of the site
  • Footpath diversions will be clearly signposted
  • Hoarding will be erected on the site boundaries
  • Wherever possible, push (silent) piling will be used during the construction of Millennium Pier 

Our community

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