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Independent Compensation Panel

Independent Compensation Panel (ICP) 

Who are the Independent Compensation Panel (ICP) and why do they assess my claim?

The Independent Compensation Panel (ICP) is a panel of independent experts who will oversee decisions and claims made under any of Tideway's non-statutory policies. The ICP will have the responsibility to update or amend any of the policies to improve the way they work for those who rely upon them for mitigation and compensation.

The panel was appointed after a public tender drawn from a variety of disciplines, including:

  • noise and vibration,

  • compensation,

  • exceptional hardship,

  • building surveying,

  • engineering and

  • medical matters.

We will assess all claims using our experience, knowledge and the evidence presented to us. The work of the ICP is described in Tideway’s Non-Statutory Off-Site Mitigation and Compensation Policy. It is important that all claims come to the ICP as this provides assurance that all claims are assessed equally and fairly.

Graham Parry has been appointed as Chair of this Panel, which assembles on a regular basis to consider applications it has received. As well as Graham, the Panel will include two other members who will be chosen from a pool of independent experts, depending on the nature of the claim.

The ICP reviews all claims, in line with the relevant policy, and will:

  • Consider special case claims (e.g. medical cases proven to be made worse by our construction activities, or night shift workers who may be affected by the works during the day).

  • Assess whether noise, vibration, dust and other construction impacts affect residents and businesses to the extent that they qualify for an appropriate form of mitigation or compensation.

  • Assess compensation claims where there is demonstrable loss due to Tideway’s construction activities (e.g. necessary business relocation, loss of rental income).

  • Consider exceptional hardship claims. These are claims from property owners whose property may have been affected by the works and have a pressing need to sell.

  • Consider claims relating to the impact of the construction works on existing buildings and infrastructure, especially in relation to ground movement as ‘settlement’.

The Panel will ensure all applications for non-statutory compensation are dealt with in an impartial and transparent way.

Minutes of each meeting are published here: ICP meeting minutes

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