Greenwich Pumping Station (Greenwich)

Greenwich Pumping Station (Greenwich)

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The site consists of Thames Water’s existing operational Greenwich Pumping Station site and associated buildings, two railway viaducts that bisect the site and Phoenix Wharf.

The Problem

At this location, in a typical year, there would be 51 discharges of untreated sewage with a volume of about 8,320,000 tonnes into the tidal River Thames.

The Solution

Our Greenwich Pumping Station site will control the discharges from the Greenwich Pumping Station combined sewer overflow. When the tunnel is in operation it is expected that only four discharges would occur.

What is happening in 2017?

Preparatory works at Greenwich Pumping Station will include:

  • Sewer diversions

Main works will include:

  • Site preparation and office installation
  • Diversion of the quiet way bicycle route
  • Strengthening of Phoenix Wharf river wall
  • Shaft construction

Greenwich Pumping Station

These works will be undertaken with the same controls identified in the Development Consent Order and Code of Construction Practice. We will notify anyone living near the site in advance of any works taking place.

We will be making a number of submissions to the London Borough of Greenwich as part of the consents we need to secure before starting different phases of work at the Greenwich Pumping Station site. These submissions are available to view on the London Borough of Greenwich's planning portal by searching for 'Thames Tideway Tunnel'. Please click here to be redirected. If you are interested in commenting on these submissions, please ensure you respond directly to the London Borough of Greenwich.

What are the working hours?

  • Standard working hours are 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 1pm Saturdays. 
  • For the main construction work, periods of extended working hours will be intermittent and are required to perform certain construction activities, such as works for concrete pours, pilling and the construction of a diaphragm walls for shaft construction
  • There will be approximately 27 months, commencing in late 2017/early 2018, of 24-hour working during the construction of the Greenwich Connection Tunnel. Works will predominately be underground. Surface works include essential support activities such as processing and handling of excavated material and shaft lifting operations. The majority of surface works will be within an enclosed acoustic shed.  

How will we access the site?

An anticipated daily average of 25 heavy goods vehicles will access the site. This will rise to approximately 77 heavy goods vehicles per day over an estimated twelve-month period during tunnelling. 

Community Liaison Working Groups

The next Community Liaison Working Group meeting will take place on Tuesday 11 July 2017 at 19:00 at the Creekside Discovery Centre, 14 Creekside,  London SE8 4SA.

If you are interested in being involved or would like to find out more call our Helpdesk on 08000 30 80 80 or email

Site location

Greenwich Pumping Station - Latest news

4 January, 2017 - Works Update

Preparatory work in support of the Thames Tideway Tunnel is progressing well, with the team working on the sewer adjacent to Norman Road. With This in mind, we have been given permission to work additional hours from the week commencing 9 January. For more information click here

1 September, 2016 - Works Update

On the evenings of 6 and 7 September we will be bringing large electrical equipment to site outside of standard working hours. For more information click here

1 September, 2016 - General Information

While Thames Water continues with their preparatory works, CVB will be carrying out a number of construction activities before main works begin in early 2017. For more information click here.


Greenwich Pumping Station - How we will minimise disruption

  • All static machinery and plant will be screened or enclosed
  • The excavated material handling area will be enclosed
  • There will be a noise enclosure over the shaft during the connection tunnel construction
  • Hoarding will be erected on the site boundaries
  • Replacement planting shall be provided for the trees and scrub to be removed for construction